WWelcome to Electronic Medical Procedure Reporting Systems Inc. (Emprss) - a state of the art electronic data collection system and service team whose goal is to improve patient outcomes and generate health system efficiencies by providing real time, relevant quality metrics to clinicians.

Started as a spin off company from the University of Alberta, by Dr. Michael Kolber (Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta) and Nicole Olivier (Clinical Study Coordinator at the University of Alberta) emprss uses customizable data collection tools to enable clinicians to capture, synthesize and receive reports pertaining to quality metrics on medical procedures.

The data collection tool is easily implemented into existing workflow.

While we have data collection templates, our tool is customizable to meet end users specific needs. Report cards with synthesized results can be generated at regular intervals, which allow for self and program reflection on the volume and quality of procedures performed. Reports are easy to understand and quality benchmark comparisons are provided where applicable. Emprss data collection was easily implemented into existing work flow in a pilot study involving 11 Alberta sites and almost 2000 procedures. Our hope is that measuring quality metrics in procedural medicine with self-reflection and corresponding practice changes will result in improved patient outcomes and even system efficiencies.

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